Monday, October 6, 2014

Yard Work

When I mention yard work I was never thinking that it would be to bad right? WRONG! Well my husband said to our pastor once if you ever need help cutting the gras just let me know. I have a mower and a trailer. We can come and do what ever we can to help. Well our pastor asked us Sunday if we could help out.. I like the riding mower personally. Not to bad, high speeds, sun in my face, ear buds belting out great 80's music!! What could be better right. Well about 2 hrs later we finally got finished. And here is why. See below.

Yeah our church property is pretty huge!!

Well after we get home. Hubby said ya know I am on vacation this week. I should go ahead and get our yard done before I put the mower up. Well yeah you guessed right. I got to cut again.. He weeded the yard with the weed eater. Below is me on the mower in our front yard!!

 As I thought we were finishing up for the day. Nope right after lunch he went outside and I later followed after cleaning up lunch. And I caught the spouse cutting down our way over grown holly bushes. Well that task was on my honey do list. I had no idea it would be so soon. So below is a picture of my daughter in the yard and it was Mother's Day. So this will give ya a look at how big they were. Then the other two is today. Well, it is 10:15pm here in Georgia and I am about to sign out and take some tylenol and go to bed. Thanks for looking.

Did I mention YARD WORK??
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