Sunday, October 5, 2014

Banana Bread

Banana Bread. What do you think of when you hear those words? A sweet desert, actual bread, muffin, wonderful smell. Well, you mention banana bread in my home and i honestly believe you hear angels playing harps in the back ground and I know my hubby almost takes flight on wings on his feet. We had 3 bananas on the counter and he random mentions that all you need is some pecans and I can have banana bread.... Wow what a hint right? Well, this was around Thursday when he said this. I I actually made him wait a couple of more days cause we had left over strawberry cobbler in the fridge. I knew it would never get eaten if the bread was made. So after church I started gathering up the supplies for the bread. When low and behold he walks in the kitchen. Are you making my bread he asks? I signed and said yes I guess so cause if I didn't you would probably starve. So he reluctantly waited while the house filled with the awesome smell of baking bananas. The oven timer goes off and its like a race to the kitchen. He stares as I remove it from the oven, you know that glazed over look. After they are place on the cooling race, he asks. "Can we cut it now?" Still smoking some I put it on a plate and handed over the knife. I did get a small slice. He then told me that the little one was mine but the big one was his...

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