Friday, October 3, 2014

Biblical Lessons~ Write 31 Days

My entry for today is about something that my husband and I started doing together. He has done this for years. Although I have slacked terribly. We are having daily bible readings. We are following:
     We have been doing it for only a couple of days now. This book has a page for every day. Then on each page it has bible readings for us to read. We are taking turn reading verses together. The end result is after a year we will have read the whole bible. Also after each reading there is often questions for each other to ponder over and discuss. It is very interesting to me. And this is a small amount of time that we can share something with each other. And it is a new learning experience for both of us.
     We have made it a priority to start living a sinless life. It isn't an easy life for sure. But I am striving to become a better wife, mom, nana, friend and a better person overall. I have learned to step out of my comfort zone and start with new things that are more meaningful. Good reading is one of them. Being a woman of faith is my true goal. I have never learned a lot of biblical scriptures that I can quote. I know that with time and teachings I will make it. Not that I want to be a biblical scholar or theologian teacher. I would like to know more of the Jesus who died for me and my sins. I hope that I will one day walk the walk and talk the talk of a sinless life.
     Daily events are a big struggle for all of us. Especially when a guy cuts you off going down the rd in a car. My flesh pops up super quick in those times. I am having to learn to hold my evil tongue and do my best to overlook the wickedness and stupidity that others do around us. I want to be changed to handle tough situations in a kind loving manor. I have come from a unclean life and I wish to be cleaner. I want to be changed in my life and the way I live.
     All of my 31 day writings will not be on biblical areas. I just feel that this should be my first and to me it is the most important one. Thanks for following me and please keep reading.
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naturalmotherhood said...

I love this post. I am going to check this book out and see if Blake wants to read it with me. . . what a great idea. You are so right in seeking to live a more holy life. I am leaning into the Lord for the same thing and we have to remember that we aren't doing things just for the here and now. We are also preparing for the place He is getting ready for us.

naturalmotherhood said...

I hope I posted that comment correctly!

Victoria Martin said...

Thanks for posting. Sorry so long in responding. Honestly we have missed a couple of daily reads, but plan on catching up!! Take care. We all are learning what to do right.