Thursday, October 9, 2014


Ever had those types of days when you just did so much you barely can remember the day? This was that was my day totally. The day started out with a great breakfast, grits, eggs, bacon. Then it moved to hubby having to go to town for a few things. He gets home calls the fire chief and got permission to burn some bad wood that has gone bad and won't make it to the fireplace this winter.  We burned a lot of old logs. I had to go to town myself today to. Came home and the roast I had cooking in the crock pot was wonderful smelling in the house. Helped hubby some more in the yard burning. We stopped off early this evening to go and meet up with another couple from church. We had dinner at a local Italian restaurant. Had some great conversation and awesome food.

I wished I could really write well like other bloggers. All I can actually do is tell you about my day.
Thanks for reading.
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naturalmotherhood said...

I really enjoyed reading these posts. I lost your blog somehow but when you commented on my blog, I clicked on your name and it took me right to it!
It is nice to share in someone else's day...