Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Well, its time to rid the beautiful bounty of the summer garden and move on to the winter garden.
The beginnings of the garden mean plowing up the ground, planting the seeds, and trying to make it animal proof.

But for some reason even after the string fence something went in it during the night. Must be the deer!! 

Monday, September 22, 2014


Not sure if I will be making Christmas quilts again. But I have gotten into a new quilt pattern. It is filling my time and it keeps me busy. I am hoping that one day all of my family members will have a quilt made by me. So far all three girls have one and so does my mom. I need to make those son in laws one and the grand babies!! Hopefully I will have them all one within 2-3 yrs. Here is the design I have so far. Not sure if I am going to outline each square with white or black strips. It is a simple 9 patch pattern. I am loving' it. Thanks for looking.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

31 Days In October

Have you ever been challenged? Maybe by someone else or what about yourself? I never have challenged myself. I am going to give this s try. It is a challenge to blog about something for 31 days in October. The guideline that I am going to try to follow came from here. I personally follow this person and her blog. I purchased one of her books and have read it. It was very inspiring. Basically on this 31 Day journey I wanted to try this challenge for myself to write something, journal something, make myself be responsible for one thing that will matter to me and for me. Join some other bloggers and post along with us!!

DAY:1~Totally forgot!!