Sunday, January 19, 2014

2014 Tupperware

Yes I am still a Tupperware consultant. I have had to take a drastic step back. But I am in the light again. There is a current sale catalog going on at the moment. But can't wait to long the sale ends Jan 31.  Your welcome to contact me for any of your Tupperware needs.
 You can check out the latest catalog sale here. This link here is a catalog that ends Feb 14. You can also view Tupperware on the web to. View here at Please let me know what you want. I can save you $$ on shipping if you order through me. I will be getting my web page up and running again soon. Thanks.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 (in) courage

I am about to embark into a new world with other women of faith. This new blog that I have just discovered is awesome. I am hoping that there are other women that will be willing to jump in with me. Reading the events from the past on this new blog is very interesting. The book club seems to be super great to. Read a chapter and then watch a video of other women and their reviews of the book. Sharing the word with each others is an awesome way to build relationships. I haven't read all there is about the meet ups but I would love to try to have a local meet up for all to come together and share more of the good news. Stay tuned here for more details. Looking forward to April 25-26. There is a live preview of great news. I am hoping to plan a meet up by then at my local church, The Life of Christ the Redeemer here in LaGrange, Georgia. So stay tuned for that to. Start here on the new news!! Thanks for letting me share!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

3 Day Juicing

WOW what a day. I did juice lots of things today. Made up all my juices for today and tomorrow. I drank a Sunrise juice from Joe Cross and wow what a refreshing deal that was. Hubby was wondering if I was watching to much Twilight movies. The juice has beets, oranges, carrots. It is the prettiest wine color I have ever seen. Tasted actually great to!!  Then had coconut water for a mid day snack. For lunch it was Joe's Mean Green Juice. That was very good. Afternoon time had the remaining Sunrise juice. Then had to have some water so I had my 32oz of lemon water. Green Lemonade Juice was yummy. I had 2 grapefruits for a late snack before bed time. Hopefully day 2 will be good also.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Afternoon bloggers!! The Georgia temps are cold, wet and yucky to me today. Looks like the rains have moved out of the picture. Temperatures are dropping now to. Going to be cold tomorrow and party cloudy.... HUMPF... Looks like a great day inside with the coffee and tv. Wait no trying to cut back on the coffee. Planning on doing a juice diet for 3 days. January 6, 2014. Wanna join in? Come on over her to the Joe Cross Reboot and join in for 3 days of pure fresh juices. Great way to clean out the old system to. There is a shopping list that you will need for the daily items also. Those can be found here and here. I already have been doing a juice at least once a day. Great recipes here. I haven't had coffee in 3 days. I must say I am having headaches. Coming off the caffeine I guess is what is causing that. So must drink water.  Hope everyone enjoyed the new year arriving. I actually missed it. So tired and went to bed at 11pm.... Oh well. So take care all, join me for a great reboot of fresh juice!!