Friday, November 14, 2014

Clay Christmas Owls

Well, they weather here is Georgia has turned pretty chilly!! It was 30 degrees this am at 7am. Brrr.  I hopped out of the warm bed and headed out to trap a couple of logs for s fire this am. It was super windy and cold to. Had to make a fire quick so the house would warm up. I would rather have a fire going and keeping it warm than have the furnace come on  all day. Saved a lot of $$ like this before.. Well, pondering and plundering around this am, I ran up on this post from Facebook. It was about making super cute owl ornaments for the Christmas tree. Well, I knew this had to be something to try since Christmas is fast approaching. Here is the web page from where the directions are. Hope you would enjoy this as much as I am going to.