Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Tonight hubby and I got to go to our grandsons football game. It was great!! Conner is 10 and he is the biggest on the team!! His mom said when they drove up to the ball field he was a little apprehensive about getting out of the car. The ball field is our local high school field. We have 3 high schools in our town. Mainly because the county is so spread out with people. At this field I got to watch 2 of my daughters walk for graduation and my now son in law 's graduation. Basically in 2007 was really the last time I was here. So I never thought I would get to see my grandson play county football! He is as tall as me, you will see below. They played a good game to 6 to 6. The coaches still gave them a chewing after the game. Either way I believe they won!! Conner is a sweet fellow and is quiet. He is a blocker on the team. They said he can't go after the ball, his job is to black and tackle other guys. He never tackles them. He is so timid. I hope he grows out of it some. He is young and this is a true learning experience. I am proud of him and home to see him in pro one day!
It was a great way to spend 1 1/2 hrs tonight.

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