Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Marietta Road Trip 3-13-2010

Sorry a little late in posting the wonderful outcome. Kristin, Kay and Barbara went and met a new scrapbook/stamper Millie. She welcomed us in her wonderful huge studio and taught us a mini class on Friendship Girls. Way cute gals to.

Then she led the way down the road to a wonderful stamp/scrapbook store Impressive Ideas.

That has been the most rubber stamps I have seen in my life at one time!!. And some awesome cards hung up everywhere!!. Can't wait to scraplift some to. Can't post them all. I made a lot of pictures to.

After lots of googling there were were off to Rubber Stamp Fantasy. It was a nice store. Lots of stamps as well. It was a nise visit to. Then had lunch at McDonalds. Then off on the road again to Archivers.

After Archivers Kristin and myself were off to Hobby Lobby. What some great items on sale there!!. We passed the BIG CHIC. Well you know scrapbookers... Had to stop for a photo.

We found a cute pet shop store and toured it also. Then the "MAIN EVENT". MARIETTA DINER!!!

That was like heaven. The place was packed. Eating area huge, parking lot huge, (I know I circled it 3 times). After parking and waiting 45 min for a table. The big moment arrived. Kristin and I fell into Paella hard!!. What a wonderful dish. We for obvious reasons didn't eat it all.

Then we ordered desert. Can someone say HUGE??? What a slice of cake. I looked like 1/4 of the cake was ours. Never got a bite of that till we got home.

Here is another peek at the desert case.

Hugh and I shared ours and we had left overs of it for Sunday to. Man the day was super windy and cold, spotty rain. But a great time!!.
Thanks again Millie for the tour. We hope to make it back for some more shopping fun and attend a great class.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Saturday March 13, 2010 ROAD TRIP

Some of the ladies I scrapbook with are off in the am for a fun trip to Marietta. First stop to meet up at . Then on the road to Millie's. for a fun time I'm sure. She will be treating us for a great day. Who knows what Millie has in store. We will have a great time. Then sometime lunch will occur and then off to and Impressive Ideas. And maybe at some point Archivers. Whew sounds like a full day already right. Well Kristin and myself are hoping to go to for dinner and desert. Will follow up with our findings and treasures!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pretty Purses

Finally getting to another craft item. I went to a class on how to make these purses. It was a great learning curve. Well after a lot of time re creating another one I did it. I have actually gave one away already to a friend. These were made from random paper on hand. I honestly forget what I own now a days. The colors are great. All are made the same just different colored note cards on the inside.
Thanks for looking.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Georgia vs Auburn

I have always liked calendars. And now I have been getting into altering items also. Only altered one clipboard. Gave it to my Mom for her birthday. She loved it. Well I am trying to start working on great things for local fall craft fairs.
This is a mini clipboard that I have painted with acrylic paints. I sprinkled some fine glitter from CTMH. Added some cardstock and ribbon. Used some Sizzix letters in matching colors. Mounted the calendars and a post it note pad and a ink pen. This can be used in any ones locker, room, or work. It was real simple to make. My thoughts are to do several in these two teams. Due to the fact I live in Georgia and and almost on the state line of Alabama. The two teams are big rivals.
Thanks for looking