Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dollar Short

Money Train? Wonder what that means? Well, to me it means that I have been waiting on it, but have come rot realize that it isn't coming my way. I am unemployed and seeking employment. But have learned how to run a house with one paycheck. It isn't a big paycheck either. Learning how to cut corners and somewhat do without isn't a bad thing. I have looked at it like a learning curve. Potatoes and rice have become a big part of the diet in my home. You learn what you "need" and "want" quickly. You learn to cut off lights, tv, air conditioner, and any other thing that plugs in and uses energy. I have learned to make lists of things. This helps to decide the needs and wants much more clearly. Sorry to ramble but this is something that everyone should learn to do. I have stock pilled foods in our freezer and dry goods. Now it is time to match the two together. Take last nights dinner for instance. Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich was delicious. Haven't had that in years, but it was filling and very satisfying. Meal preparing is a good thing. I wanted to do a big freezer meal for the crock pot. But haven't got the money for it yet. And we need to use what we have. This somehow brings me to hoarding. Are we hoarders? Maybe some of us are and some not. We would all be a little better off if we did make those meal lists. I can understand the BOGO deals at stores. But I have a hard time understanding why one needs or feels compelled to purchase 80 boxes of cereal. The Extreme Coupon people drive me crazy!! Thank goodness that Boo Boo clan is no longer on tv!! People don't realize that those items will go bad. I remember getting a good deal on the BOGO oatmeals and repurchased several of them. Well, after about 8 months I finally got to using the last couple of boxes. I opened up a couple of packs of oatmeal for breakfast and just before the hot water went in. I noticed that something in my bowl was moving!! It was like meal worms in my bowl. Yep you guessed it. BAD!! So stockpiling some foods are not necessarily good. Keep that in mind. Just try to consume the items you need within in a month unless you are dehydrating foods or vacuum sealing foods. Thanks for reading my ramblings.
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