Friday, October 10, 2014

Goodwill Goodies

My husband and daughter will be making a long trip to the Dominican Republic for a mission trip in November. That day is approaching very fast!! So on their things to take and leave for the people they are visiting are undergarments, shoes (sandals), and hats of any kind. When those items are gathered up they are put into suitcases for the travel. Then the whole suitcase of goodies as well as the suitcase are left for the people. The old folks home that they will be visiting don't have much. So when this team does show they are so appreciative for any and everything they get. The suitcase becomes that persons dresser. Basically all of their belongings are in it. And thats all they have. It's very sad to realize that everything that you own fits in a suitcase. But it does happen and it is real. So we went to a Goodwill store in another town that is a little bigger than our own store. And we hit the mother load of suitcases. The one we got isn't in the picture, but you will get the message. Actually it is the big bag that matches the two red ones in the picture. You know how they sell the 3 pc sets. The middle size one still has the new store tag on it! We got a maybe used once Pierre Cardin (sp) rolling red suitcase for like $20. It's stunning! I am sure it will bring a wonderful smile and pleasure to someone. Thanks for reading.
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