Sunday, August 21, 2011

Starting Early for Christmas

Trying to get started early for Christmas gifts. I have just gotten some vinyl to cut on my cricut. And while I got vinyl I went by a yard sale and discovered this candy dish. The photo is my results after cleaning it all up. Going yard sale shopping more often now.

Merry Early Chrismas!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Although Hugh had the flu and had to go to the doctor on Saturday. He seemed to feel much better today. Kristin had to give hime a great gift. Guinness!!! OMG he was so shocked but thrilled. He had never tried it. And hey every dad needs a new shirt right!!! Hugh already got a Lowe's gift card so the best thing I could do after that was a "new wallet". All in all I think he had a great Father's Day. Thanks Hugh for being a great day to 3 very special girls. Best of all thanks for being my best friend. Hope your day was a great day.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Inspirations Journal

Been following these two great ladies on making journals as well as some great art!! Thanks Tracy Weinzaphfel Burgos president of Helmar USA. and Joanne Sharpe!!! I am really enjoying this challenge fronm Tracy. It is a one month challenge to journal art every day!!! What could be better than crafting and creating as well as adding my thoughts or a special quote in my book. I also have my daughter joining in to. She likes to write like Joanne does so her book will be awesome.. She actually did start her page last night to!!! The book was homemade with chipboard covers and water colored paper inside. Here is a shot at my cover and first page!! For the cover I used chipboard, painted it, random stamped on it, added acrylic letters, added some alleens paper glaze on them and then added some flowers and bling. For the inside first page, my title page Is what I am calling it. I used all kinds of random paper from a Michaels Girly Girl Recollections slab. Torn into pieces and then mod podged them on and the all over. My paper started curling so I slapped on a piece of clear acrylic while wet. Then added random ribbon, flower, bling and a tassle and some letters. I added a journal spot that explained how I felt at the moment. I am really liking this random thing. Seriously I didn't match anything at all. Stay tuned for page 2.....

Thanks for looking

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Envelope Abum

Learned how to make a great looking envelope album. I watched Laura on Following the Paper Trail on you tube. Took all day to complete it but it turned out wonderful. I used 6 envelopes and the tags are made from cereal boxes. I glued 2 pieces together from the cereal box and then covered both sides with paper. The cover part is made from chipboard. I used the famous tag punch again from Stampin Up and I also use the scallop punch for the pockets that hold the tags. Sorry :( I forgot to take a close up. I love the look. Inked it all the way around and added some goodies and VIOLA!!!
Thanks for looking !!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Started Couponing Again

Well I was totally a slacker before. Well maybe not. I had a coupon organizer for my coupons but I seemed to be flipping through a stack of paper item coupons for the right one that was on sale at the store. I really didn't search online verygood at how to keep up with the coupons as well as how to make a list of things to shop for. Keep in mind this will be changing soon. I have decide to build up my coupon stash again. But this time organize it to start and then see how it goes. I know it can be done. I personally don't have 6 hours a day or 40 hours a week to shop around for deals on the computer. I am a full time student. Well I got me a binder and the baseball card keepers that lots have been going crazy about. I had a few coupons clipped and printed. I haven't even gotten the circulars form the Atlanta Journal yet. Monday is coming though. Well I sat down and REALLY organized those coupons. I made divider tabs and all sorts of cool things to keep me going this time. Well after practically all day of clipping, printing, sorting and organizing this is the results. I am seriously pleased to.

Thank goodness for the heavy cardstock in the front of the card organizers. I punched out the tab divider things with a punch from Stampin Up. Thanks Katie Burke for that. I am slowly getting coupons in it.. Look out other couponers I am in the race running with ya now. :) Seriously it will be a while before I am full speed.

So hey come join me and help me learn more..

Have a great day!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gathering of Christ Followers

New church home, new ideas, new challenges, new dreams, new friends,new accomplishments, new goals, NEW YEAR!!!