Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Kristin

Happy Birthday Kristin.. Love ya bunches and bunches!!
Spend the evening taking Kristin out to dinner at Mama Luci's in Newnan. Love me some Italian Pasta!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Email Overload??

Do you have way to many emails in your inbox? No?? Come on... I joined blogger feeds, recipe sites, coupon sites, yahoo groups, facebook. Now it seems like I am getting tons of emails DAILY!!! What's a internet surfer to do? Well I think I an going to stop following several blogs. I think the following this just boosts the numbers shown on their blog. Makes them look important I guess. Who knows. Oh and the coupon bug has totally picked me up and bitten me big time. I love printing and clipping. Hey at least I save me some $$$. Saved $60 today at publix, with the BOGO's and $15 in coupons. Totally worth it. Oh and I got the goods for 5 meals next week. Hey I'm lovin that. Ok back to the other real world. Are you consumed with following people, entering your email address thinking your going to be the big blog winner? Yeah me to... Well heads up ladies If I suddenly disapear from your email list sorry....It has to be.. I am OVERLOADED!!!