Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Baking Queen (sorta)

Ok I guess the bread goo yesterday got me in the mood to try the bread items again. I wanted to make turkey burgers for supper tonight. Well that would consist of getting in the car and going to I guess ALDI (2 blocks away) and having to purchase 1 pk of buns. Then to end up trashing 4 of the buns or freezing for later. I remembered seeing on one of my favorite vlogggers something about bread making. Well I searched Noreen's Kitchen and found just what I needed. The hamburger bun recipe in all its glory. I jumped right in as soon as I found that pk of dry yeast!! Pictures below. I was able to alter the variation of ending results with 4 hamburger buns, and 16 dinner rolls. How awesome is that!! I did get a little impatient on waiting for the bread to rise up fully. But first timer here and I am doing my best. I will wait next time. So it looks like yummy buns for the burgers tonight.

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