Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Off the Chart

I keep seeing all the other 31 day bloggers and I am reading some, commenting some, liking some, and some saving for a later read. All the while I haven't even written on my own!!! YIKES!! Glad I am not a teacher right... Well, I have been deciding on what I should even try to post about. Dollar short pretty much sums up the jist (sp) of my house lately.  My family seems to be going their own directions and everyone will catch up with each other at different intervals. I often feel completely lost. No communication exists with us anymore... I can't stay caught up with my own home much less ask around the other three households about their lives. I have been trying to catch my grandsons ball games when I can. Last nights game they won, 32-6!! GO COWBOYS!!! I have no clue about my granddaughter. The three daughters come and go all around town and we hardly see each other. My mom seems to be MIA at times. I called her today that helped. My MIL is MIA in a nursing home now and her son, my husband is about to be MIA as well. Mostly it is just me and the two "stranded" or "trapped" dogs. Hope they really don't feel that way.  Wow did I just spill my guts!! Ok I get it TMI right? Well, thanks for the vent!! Better reads HERE I bet!

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