Sunday, October 12, 2014

2014 Garden Update

Yep you guessed it. I am about to be a slacker here on this blogging. I took photos and thought about what I wanted to post about, but I always seem to fail to post. Good thing I am not "having" to do this. Weird how we make up lists of things and try to stay on track. But for some reason we seem to swerve off path. LOLOLOLOL. Which is exactly what I have done here. I took pictures of my garden progress and yet I have made the blog start out with something totally different. Guess thats what blogging is all about.
Well, here is a couple of pictures of my turnip greens and my kale. And looks like at the edge of the garden I have a couple of tomato plants eagerly trying to break out for a second growing. I plan to pull these guys up and bring them in the house for a interior growth. Maybe they will stay stable till spring. Thanks for checking out my garden progress, I am really looking forward to cooking up kale, turnip greens. I have also planted swiss chard in cement pots on the porch. They are doing well also. I need to get a picture of them to.

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