Thursday, December 17, 2009

STAMPS STAMPS AND MORE STAMPS wanted to post about the great new stamps I have been using in several projects. The Stamps of Life by Stephanie Bernard. I am a club member and I get the sew set on the first of everymonth. How easy peasy is that? Well there have been several projects that I have submitted monthly and it's great!! Stephanie is so sweet to talk to. I have talked to her personally. THANKS!! I have become a part of her monthly videos also. You need to go check out the great ideas there. She has a section on her web that you can order the stamps from and they are great!! Sorry guess I mentioned that. Well she has a section for freebies and my craft is posted there. Woo Hoo!!! Go check them out here:
There are lots of great goodies there. I am so looking forward to the next set of stamps.

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