Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year Coming Soon

Have you all started getting those craft projects completed for the new year? Well esp if it is a calendar project. Need to start quickly ladies. Below is one I have completed. The ingredients are simply a clip board from Walmart. Miscellaneous decorative papers, push pins, paper clips, note pad from Staples. A sheet of cork cut to fit. The end result is a cute message center to hang by a phone. What hang by a phone? Who still has a phone hanging on the wall? Any way maybe someone still does. But it looks great to me hanging on my wall in my Craft Studio. Very simple to make. I don't actually have ant measurements because I just guess at what size of the paper I wanted and where. Sorry ladies. Any way enjoy. And oh get started soon on those calendar projects!!!

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katiebird said...

I love it! You always do such awesome work! - Kay