Monday, January 6, 2014

3 Day Juicing

WOW what a day. I did juice lots of things today. Made up all my juices for today and tomorrow. I drank a Sunrise juice from Joe Cross and wow what a refreshing deal that was. Hubby was wondering if I was watching to much Twilight movies. The juice has beets, oranges, carrots. It is the prettiest wine color I have ever seen. Tasted actually great to!!  Then had coconut water for a mid day snack. For lunch it was Joe's Mean Green Juice. That was very good. Afternoon time had the remaining Sunrise juice. Then had to have some water so I had my 32oz of lemon water. Green Lemonade Juice was yummy. I had 2 grapefruits for a late snack before bed time. Hopefully day 2 will be good also.

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