Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year and December Daily Update

Yeah I kinda sorta seriously crashed and burned.. I have some photos and I entend to finish this up. I forgot the camera for like 3 days. And not to mention, but I will what is exciting, supper time, computer time, bath, bed...every day.. There are only so many times you want to scrapbook the dog...By me not having smaller children at home made this very hard.. We did have the grandkids on December 26 and 27.. I did take a picture each day there. Oh yeah I did get one of hubby sleeping with the dog on December 25.. Umm yeah this was very hard for me.. I wanted to attempt the 365 Project from Becky Higgins or Ali Edwards .. My have to just scrap what I can when I can.. Can't do that daily thing.. To me it then turns into a teenage like journal.. Oh wait that was Dear Diary!!
Looks like I am not cut out for the demanding document type thing. I document when I feel like it..
Well thanks for reading and I will be trying something with the 365 thing..


My New Years Day!!

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