Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gasp, Where have I been??

OMG, I have totally forgotten about this blog this week!! I actually got a new app for my Kindle Fire. It is creat. The App is Cozi. It is a journal, things to do list, grocery list, calendar. OMG I have been using that instead. Also been back to work after the much neede time off for ringing in the new year. Yeah I am probably on the same wagon as lots. Lose weight, shop smarter, coupon, be a better wife, mother and cook!!. Oh and somewhere in the mix I am bound and determined to find more ways to enjoy me time. I am always running around, creating, working, shopping, striving to do better for others. Not this year. I am going to start saying there is the freezer!!! You are big people to!!! HUMPH!! Now that the air is clear on that I am also going to be more "RESPECTIFUL" to, for and with others. I have learned to much by being hard and sharp with my family. Not this year 2012!!

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