Friday, November 5, 2010

Hey What's Cookin?

Well I have been busy this week yet again. Totally muliated 2 more pumpkins and froze up more of the yummy goodness inside. After doing surgery on 3 pumpkins and baking and smashin up the goods I ended up with 22 pints of the yummy puree. Which is equal to 22 cans of pumpkin goodness. See the frozen goods below!!

Then after the goods ended up being frozen. I knew I had to break out the recipe books or the wonderful internet. And find something good to create. Well I did end up making 3 yummy pies. Two of them have already left the freezer along side the cool whip. Oh did I mention they have been eaten already? Then I made some yummy pumpkin bread. The mixture created so much goodie I had te break out several pans to fill er up in. So I ended up with mini loaves and muffins to. Oh yeah the large loaf has been depleated from the kitched. Along with several of the muffins and loaves. Looks like I need to get to cooking that yet again. See the before goods picture below.

Then Hugh wanted me to make some Cinnamon Butter for morning toast. Remember last week mentioning to my friends about finding a Texas Roadhouse Recipe. Well had to get to mixin that goodie up also. Can't hardly wait till morning to give that stuff a spread on some toast myself.

Then while planning my meals for the week this am. Ran off to the local Publix to get the goodsfor dinners. And I had printed earlier the recipe from Publix for a cheesecake made with cresent rolls. Yeah right I though. Where is the graham crachers?? There isn't any required. All I know is the kitchen smells of cinnaman goodness. And I am dreaming supper was over so I can scoop out the goodness. see below just out of the oven!!

Supper tonight is red beans and rice and sausage and squash maybe I will get a photo for tomorrows post.
Thanks for peeking into my kitchen today!


marlene said...

Everything looks yummy Vicki-I think you are enjoying this stay-at-home homemaker thing!

Kay said...

YUM!!!! you are having a blast! Looks mighty good!

proudmama said...

Yummy!! I want some pumpkin goodness! where did you find the cheesecake recipe? sounds delish! good job Vicki!