Monday, August 2, 2010

Here's What's Cookin'

Well I have been hard at work this morning and for the last two weeks actually. Been canning lots of fruits and vegetables from our yard and some from farmers market. I must say it has kept me quite busy. I have found a new love I guess. To add to many other loves I enjoy. Today I canned Strawberry Fig Preserves. Whew had to get in and out of that kitchen before it got hot to. Average temperature here in Georgia has been hovering around 96... Believe me and thats hot. Steamy to, no rain for days. Nor even a good cloud cover, all sunny skies and hot ones. I canned 20 jelly jars this morning and will probably do the same tomorrow morning. Our figs are just starting to be ready for harvest so it is canning season again. Check out the fruit harvest below.

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