Friday, June 18, 2010

Random Ribbon???

Ok, I know all of you have ribbon. That has gotten out of hand right? Well mine actually slithered out on my table and tried to grab me and tie me up. I had to get a better solution. No not not buy anymore. Silly thought. WHATEVER. I love my ribbon. I am a collector I guess. I am learning how to use it more on crafts.
I got ready to craft one evening and this is what I saw on the table creeping towards me!!

We I managed to tackle that pile rather quickly. After I contained it into a sack. Yeah it was tightly secured shut!!! I rounded up every pencil I owned. And WHACK off with the points and erasers!! Proud I smiled. Now off to get that bag of tiny furry arms!! Oh did I tell ya I stashed it in the closet to keep it from getting loose? After spending the remaining evening nurturing the threads. I have them all neatly nestled back into their beloved home.
Although there is still a few remnants left to capture. They seem to be quite happy. At least I sure am.
So get in there girls and round up that wild ribbon and get that stuff contained where they belong. This process worked great for me since I don't have wall space to display them, they seem to be well contained.
Thanks for looking.

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