Friday, July 17, 2009

Bo Bunny Book

Wow can you imagine? Two posts in one week. Humm does this mean I am getting better? NAH!!! I have been working on this project for a couple of weeks now, well maybe more like a month now. Shhhh it was a secret. I was hoping to have it finished my SASH. Well had the pictures printed then but I couldn't work on it there. You guys would have seen it. So anyway this is my book of Friends. I have gotten to know all of you in a deep and personal way. So many memoried pop in my head when I look at the pictures to. Like; Who's pregnat? and you got what for cChristmas? Oh and the best, No sh didnn't.... Any way th is a small showing collection of several memories I have with each of you. Hey I even have a picture of Sandy and Shannon and Angie. WTG grls.... You gals maybe distant sometimes but never forgotten. Well ladies thanks for all the fond memries of lots of shared times.


grammysheppard said...

Oh I love this I almost cried, ok I did cry a little bit. I always love to look at your work, it is always so cute. I hope to get with all of you galls soon to make some new memories.

proudmama said...

vicki, what a great job!!i love this and i would love to get copies of the pictures you have!! i love that you did this! you did such a great job and i am so grateful for all of you and so blessed by your friendship and our bond through scrapbooking! i love you all so much!