Tuesday, May 26, 2009


To glue or not to glue. Which one to choose? Oh well there are tons of glue guns, tape runners, tape refills, hermie, strips, dots to choose from. Who can keep up? Well I have seen in videos online lots of people are using the new glue glider pro. There ia a great sale going on here, http://zencart-template.com/cindy/glue-glider-pro-p-1107.html?zenid=c739888b366580f2ef254ba77aec3ce8

And hey we are all looking for a good bargain. Lets face it, Walmart doesn't have everything we need. You have to buy online. This glue glider pro does last a good while. It isn't that bulky or heavy to hold either. The refills may seem pricey to start but for the lasting time it's a good deal. I have the ATG Gun which is larger and I love it!!!

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