Monday, December 29, 2008

One More Holiday To Go

Well the Christmas rush is finally over. WHEW!! Man oh man am I glad thats done. Now off to the New Years seasonal rush. Well no parties for me and my family. I believe that we will just stay here and relax. Ringing in the new year is exciting but it also can be stressful to. Trying to set new goals for the new year can be hard. As well as hard to keep. I believe I will just keep it simple. No baking, cooking, or cleaning for me on that day. I believe I will take in some movie time with the hubby, couch, and puppy. Then later on that evening I believe I will just go to bed and try to silence out the firecrackers. You know they say whatever you do on new years day you will do it all year. Well I have cooked, cleaned and washed clothes. And hey somehow I have had to do it all year to. I think this year I will spend my new years day SCRAPBOOKING>>>>